CloudFlare joins jsDelivr

So far jsDelivr was using MaxCDN and CDN.NET to provide people with unmatched performance and uptime. Unfortunately CDN.NET decided to back out of open source sponsorship to focus on other important work they have going.
I am sad to see them leave and want to say a huge thank you for everything they did for jsDelivr!
They are really awesome guys, and one of the few companies that help and sponsor open source projects.

So in the last few weeks CDN.NET was be removed from load balancing. This change was completely transparent and didn't result in any downtime whatsoever.
Smart load balancing for the win!

Now the good news are that CloudFlare agreed to sponsor jsDelivr and is now live!

MaxCDN and CloudFlare from now on become the back-bone of the infrastructure and together will be serving all of jsDelivr's traffic. Of course with some help from custom locations sponsored by hosting providers.

These 2 companies are the few that truly understand how important is the open source community and how companies should always encourage and support all open source projects. No matter how small they may look. I had almost nothing when I asked for support from MaxCDN and here we are now...
I am very proud to have 2 of the best Web Performance companies out there to forget their competition and put aside all differences and simply support an open source project that helps the web to become faster.

As always jsDelivr retains its smart routing and users will be getting the faster available provider each time they request a file from jsDelivr CDN. The load balancing algorithm gets improved almost every day and I work closely with Cedexis to optimize everything we can and apply the latest improvements they announce.

No changes were made in the core infrastructure so as always even if CloudFlare goes down jsDelivr will continue to work by switching all traffic to remaining providers.

No changes in command chain too. Neither MaxCDN or CloudFlare own the project or influence it in any negative way. It is a common misunderstanding that I noticed lately. The project is fully managed by me and the community.

And if anyone wants to contribute or help in any way just visit our Github repo

Thank you