jsDelivr keeps growing and expanding

jsDelivr has been growing non stop in 2020 and even more improvements are coming in 2021!

Here is a summary with the most interesting updates from the jsDelivr team:

- We recently introduced the support for ES modules https://www.jsdelivr.com/esm
Load modern JavaScript packages built for you on-demand. Works in modern web browsers, node.js, and deno

- We migrated our multi-CDN load-balancing system to a new and better in-house logic. Our infographic was updated accordingly https://www.jsdelivr.com/network/infographic

- In 2021 we plan to improve jsDelivr even further. Better support for modules, a refreshed website and automated cache purging are only a few of our plans.

- We have grown to ~97 billion monthly request and almost 4 Petabytes of traffic every month!

And we keep constantly growing! A big thank you to all of our users for their trust and support!

If you have any questions or feedback please open a Github ticket in our repo.