jsDelivr news #3

Its been a while but I wanted to share some of the latest news about jsDelivr.

  • We are talking with multiple CDN providers regarding a partnership with jsDelivr.We are heavily invested in the performance of our platform so we are always looking for more providers to add to our load balancing system.
  • We plan on adding multiple new locations in Asia. This includes 9 locations in China mainland(!) and an other 9 locations in various countries of Asia. (Not CloudFlare) The main blocker right now is the ICP license required by the Chinese government. We are doing our best to get it.
  • A new POP location in Madagascar went live. Its sponsored by an ISP provider called Telma after they noticed that lots of their users are hitting our servers but not getting the performance they deserve. Here is a chart with the performance improvement of jsDelivr in Madagascar


  • A new feature is now in beta testing. jsDelivr can now act as a CDN for each and every plugin currently hosted in the WordPress plugin directory. This means that any WP developer can add an option to load his files from our CDN to his plugin. Users get a faster website and developers a new cool feature, win-win. More info https://github.com/jsdelivr/jsdelivr/issues/2632
  • We are also working on our new website. The progress is slow due to lack of funds and resources so if you are a developer or designer consider contributing in our repo https://github.com/jsdelivr/beta.jsdelivr.com
  • Developers and companies that have their projects on jsDelivr can now get access to a new function of jsDelivr that allows the purging of individual files hosted on our servers. This is useful if you want your users to get instant access to new versions on URLs using version aliasing or /latest/. For security reasons the documentation for this feature is private so you will need to contact us to get access.

We have lots of new stuff planned for the future so make sure you follow jsDelivr and jimaek on twitter. And as always if you want to contribute with coding/design/funds feel free to contact us.