New Sponsor Announcement: ArvanCloud Joins jsDelivr

We now announce that ArvanCloud is joining us at jsDelivr as a sponsor to help us grow bigger and improve faster. With their help we will be able to finance the development of new amazing features and improve the performance and stability of our platform. All donations received go towards hiring developers and designers to improve our products as well as to pay for our origin infrastructure and services we use to support the platform.

ArvanCloud is one of the fastest-growing cloud solution providers in the market, which offers a portfolio of fast, secure and reliable solutions like CDN, Managed DNS, DDoS Protection, WAF, as well as cloud products such as Cloud Server and Cloud Container. This Germany-based company provides cutting-edge solutions at an affordable price for a variety of usages.

Apart from different robust cloud products, ArvanCloud CDN users can enjoy a considerable number of PoPs, covering every corner of the earth, some unique locations like Dubai in UAE, Kyiv in Ukraine, Rio in Brazil and Saint Petersburg in Russia, as well as Singapore, Tokyo and Seoul. ArvanCloud is also progressively increasing the number of its geolocations, improving the user experience worldwide. These investments, along with supporting numerous open-source projects, are helping the internet become an even faster and more secure place.

ArvanCloud CDN, which is currently among the top 10 CDN providers in terms of the number of users, is being used by more than 50,000 users worldwide. With a network of more than 40 PoPs all around the globe, from the US to Southern Africa and from Japan to the Middle East, it guarantees a remarkable performance in every corner of the planet. This robust CDN service offers superb performance and excellent uptime.